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Cosmetic Tattooing Consultation

A full consultation is essential before your first cosmetic eyebrow tattooing appointment with us. Your appointment will include a full consult, eyebrow mapping and shape, waxing and hybrid stain. 
1HR | $75

*These prices are introductory prices only and are only valid until October 30th 2023. Conditions apply.

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Feather Touch

Feather Touch Eyebrows

Feather Touch signature eyebrows are created by using light, hair-like, strokes which mimic your own brow and promise to cover any gaps, scars or bald patches that you might have within your brow. They also can help to volumise and define thin or lacking brows.


Feather Touch Brows $299

Perfection Visit (6 weeks) $125

Colour Boost  (12-18 Months) 

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Ombre Brows


Ombre brows are fast becoming one of the most desired eyebrow tattoo technique's. 
  Ombre brows are perfect for creating a more solid, powder filled brow look. We expertly blend your eyebrows from a light centre to dark end, creating a sharp yet natural looking semi-permanent brow.

Ombre Brows $310
Perfection Visit $125
Colour Boost (12-18 Months)


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Combo Brows


Combination Brows are a blend of both feather touch and ombre techniques to create the perfect brow that looks both natural and defined. The microblading effect of the feather touch brows leaves a natural feel to the centre of the brow, and the ombre effect takes over and fades out to a powder-filled look on the tip.

Combination Brows $310

Perfection Visit $125

Colour Boost (12 -18 Months)

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